Leaf by Oscar bundle of Corojo 20

Leaf by Oscar bundle of Corojo 20
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Size: 6 X 60

Wrapper: Corojo

Country: Honduras

Strength: Medium-Full


Leaf by Oscar Cigars has been sweeping the nation ever since their inception as a small boutique cigar in Pittsburgh, PA.  At first, our customers were a bit hesitant due to the cigars looking "gimmicky" because of the outer leaf wrapper around the cigar.  Once you finally give in, you'll realize this is actually one hell of a cigar.  The outer leaf seems to preserve the natural oils on the cigar and transition into an even burning, smooth, well constructed smoke.  

With the Honduran long filler core and binder, each line uses a different wrapper to give you a variety of flavors to chose from.  If you haven't tried the leaf, get over the "gimmick", and just go for it! You will be pleasantly surprised.  

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