CAO Zocalo San Andres Single

CAO Zocalo San Andres Single
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*LIMITED RELEASE* 3,500 boxes produced

Filler: Nicaraguan 

Binder: Cameroon

Size: 6 x 60

Flavor: Earthy spice and light sweetness


To celebrate cinco de Mayo, CAO is bringing some Mexican Spirit with this new limited edition release! Zocalo, the name of a vibrant and celebratory city square in Mexico is the first cigar in CAO's lineup with Mexican Tobacco.  CAO’s Master Blender Rick Rodriguez said, “Zócalo speaks to CAO’s spirit of going off the beaten path. We’ve never used Mexican tobacco in any of our blends, so we went bold by using a Mexican wrapper leaf. It’s a special Morron wrapper grown in the San Andrés Valley and it delivers a great, earthy flavor I know the CAO fans will love.” 




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