CAO Amazon Fuma Em Corda, Basin, Anaconda Assortment

In this assortment you get 2 of each of the CAO Amazon Cigars

2 Fuma Em Corda Size 5 x 50

CAO is back in the Amazon basin! The Fuma Em Corda is named after the fermentation technique added to the Brazillian Arapiraca tobacco.  This maneuver was borrowed from the native people which harvested tobacco in the Alagoas region of Brazil.  The natives called the tobacco "fuma em corda" which means smoke on a rope! 

The rich Honduran colorado wrapper has a Cameroon binder with filler from Honduras, Nicaragua, and Brazil.  There are only 3,000 boxes being made so if these are in stock, just like the Amazon Basin, they will be gone soon!

2 Basin Size 6 x 52

This rare cigar is made from tobacco from Braganca, which is a remote region of the Amazon forest itself! The tobacco is harvested once every 3 years and goes through 6 months of natural fermentation in the rainforest.  They are transported by canoe to the mainland where they are taken to Esteli Nicaragua...pretty cool huh? The tobacco is combined with tobaccos from 5 different countries and finally wrpaped in an Ecuadorean Sumatra leaf! These boxes are out of stock almost if they're in stock..this may be your only chance!

2 Anaconda Size 6 x 52

The 3rd installment of the CAO Amazon blend! This Anaconda is ready to strike with a rare, dark and leathery Brazilian Bahiano wrapper and 5 different filler leaves.  This is a seriously complex cigar! Definitely a must try for the fans of the previous Amazon cigars, or anyone who enjoys a well constructed, medium - full bodied smoke!


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