Boveda Humidipack Mini

Used for a small amount of cigars kept in ziplock to keep them fresh for 1-2 weeks


-Never guess if or when to refill your humidor again

-Eliminate humidity fluctuation - preserving natural oils and sugars so cigars improve with age

-Chose the RH level that you prefer - match your take and/or quality of your humidor

-No more hassle of using distilled watert

-Reverse Osmosis Membrane prevents mold and mildew


Amount of packs needed per cigar in humidor

0-50       = 2-3 packs

51-100   = 3-4 packs

100-150 = 4-5 packs

150-200 = 5-6 packs

200-250 = 6-7 packs

250-300 = 7-8 packs


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