Anejo 5 Pack

Añejo 48  7 x 48

Añejo 77 Shark 5  7/8 x 50/64

Añejo 55  6 x 55

Añejo 46  5 5/8 x 46

Añejo  50 1/4 x 50

A. Fuente Añejo cigars are made with the same filler and binder as the OpusX cigars.  They are pretty much just as rare as them as well.  It is wrapped in a Connecticut broadleaf Maduro leaf that is aged for one full year in cognac barrels.  The smoke is full bodied and very smooth.  Contains complex flavors with sweetness that are simply amazing.  Some call this cigar the 'Maduro OpusX".  If these cigars are available, grab them!

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