2009 La Verite Churchill Single

Strength: Full

Size: 7 x 47

Country: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Nicaragua Criollo


The 2009 growing season experienced a lot of sun, much more than in 2008, which is the key to strength in the tobacco. That, in combination with the three tobacco strains (Habano Criollo, Criollo 98 and Pelo de Oro) make for an exciting blend. I’m especially fortunate to be able to use the Pelo de Oro which was grown in 2009. In 2010, it was replaced with Sancti Spiritus, which is very similar, and therefore only a little Pelo de Oro was grown, which probably won’t be enough for the 2010 blend. - Pete Johnson - 

The Vérité line was released in 2008. It uses only a single crop of tobacco from Don Pepin Garcia's La Estrella farm.  Made in very small quantities and only two sizes.  The cigars were aged one year before out for sale, but if you hang on to these cigars and let them age even more, you will have a superb smoke on your hands! If they are in stock, consider yourself lucky!


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